Saturday, February 28, 2015

Events Posted Here

As you can see, we try to post events and things happening in the area for Residents ,visitors and winter Residents who are not familiar with the area. 

Just a note that once they have been published here for 3 days they then are switched to the EVENTS PAGE  (See Tab on top of website) This allows the websight to not be filled with old info

Thank you for your continued and always growing readership, If you have a event, rental, or idea


Friday, February 27, 2015


Yesterday I was stopped by a very nice elderly couple here who said they live in build 13 and wanted to know if I was Mr Sansone and I replied yes, first they wanted to tell me what a great lady my wife was and then said we have wanted to meet you for a while as many of our neighbors love your website here and they cant wait every day to read, I thanked them and said there are still a few who cant get over this website. They also stated that those hope that it will continue to serve the community

Now as many f you know this website has taken a positive turn the last. 8 months as Anasazi progressed to the place we have gotten to since last years election.  

Now to get some things out that need to be said:   First last week after election a part time resident went to the office to complain about my website..lets get this straight

First off the office has no control over Anasazi Talk, neither does the board and even the lawyer here could not shut it down..Now I also have heard that most of those complaining are from back at pool 5 and have a friend that says they are constantly moaning and also had another person come to me last week and say..Dont write about the Bud guy in 15 it will start a storm ???

So lets make it clear....I never backed away from writing what is needed or addressed things going on here, and will continue to write this blog those at the Pompous pool 5 as it has been named by the full time residents, get over it I will continue to write about things here at Anasazi that matter to residents and it is apparent by the large readership that we are a source of info here enjoyed by the majority

Now to that small group that continue to complain..find a new hobby we are not going anywhere.


The full time residents have come and discussed many things this week at a meeting at a full times residents home this last week and we have a new saying lol

We have many snowbirds that we have come to know and enjoy BUT also a few that think they are better than the rest and want to be catered to during there short winter stay.

.We have named them the Winter Snow Pigeons as they come and make a mess here just like a pigeon lol

Now this was not a post designed to be rude, but some of you may think you will control this site

That will never happen and if I happen to get an email or call about a certain individual here I will have no problem printing there name or unit number..and we may also post your picture..There is no thing as private when you are outside or at pool I do not need permission to  use your name or picture if you are in a public place

So to that select crowd that says they dont read this websight..I say tell the truth I have many ears at pool 5 and even many are tired of hearing the very small clic there are complaining...Hey your only here a few months a year....enjoy it like we do when it returns to normal here for us residents.........

So to all those and the Buds of the community...let your storm start anytime you like.I have never shyed away from my opinion. And yes many said well he did not get elected because of the blog.

Too that I say wrong..My point in running this year was not a matter of winning or losing, Just to prove the point that the by law here was illegal and I proved that by being on ballot, This will now open me to run anytime.

So to the majority of residents here I thank you for your continue readership..

To the few cry babies out there  I say suck it up.....I know many say what I write here could effect values and peoples opinion of this community..Well then lets stay on the up and up as of the last year and we wont have to post negative comments as in the 6 years previous when we had a scandal ridden board that used board for their own gain

As stated in post the last week I believe that this has the chance to be the most accessible board we have had here in many years, and I will support them fully, But will not worry about a few winter visitors who only gossip, If something here printed is something you have a opinion about send a email or contact me I will always meet and explain why a post was published and even remove it if source is not reliable


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Readership Soaring...Thank You

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Resident Email & Concern

Marlou joyxxxxx@aol.comSent from my iPad

On Feb 23, 2015

 I   wanted to tell every one that my bike was taken  the night of the break in @ #12 #13 and 14 bike room. It was red  3 wheeled bike. dirty shame. never had  anything stolen in my life. key sticker and bike had lock and chain attached as well. so, it is not secure than. please do something else.  thank you,  M. Holgerson  long time owner since 1986.
In addition to my report about my bike being taken. PLEASE HAVE  SECURITY ON ALL NIGHT. other residents would  and have asked  for this to happen.  M. Holgerson  # 12  building


Looking for a Home in Scottsdale ?

So The Family Trust is down sizing a bit on our Arizona vacation properties, So we have listed the Scottsdale House.....

...Looking for that Prestigious Scottsdale Zip Code?

Looking in the North Troon Area ??  Golfers ???

 Check out this listing..

(Maid Not Included)   lol   

Monday, February 23, 2015

Great Points addressed at meeting

This is a post that should be important to all residents.full time or winter resident 

The first point was a good one by Dana, she said that during the last few months we have had a
good turnout at board meetings, but need to have it happen all year round. I must say that the winter visitors do take the time to attend meeting when here and this is a positive sign

Now there are many many full timers here who complain about things on a regular basis, but never attend a meeting....

Now i do believe the answer to that is for too may years the full time residents were sick of old board here that really never listened to those that attended.

I was not one of those I have charged  to get changes here and received many I wanted to see happen. maybe all did not agree with methods..But that's life..the results were what we wanted 

But I think that this new board that has been assembled will be the MOST ACCESSIBLE BOARD we have had in the last 10 years here,with 90% of old board gone.

 I think over the summer and winter, we along with the full time board members should reach out and get those full time residents to attend a meeting and see how things have changed here. I will pursue this aggressively also.

Also maybe thinking about meeting times that coincide with full time residents schedules, many of us work , maybe Saturday meetings in the off season. But many full time residents have trouble with current board times. winter visitors attend they have no schedule when here on vacation...Maybe a fair solution

The second good point was to organize an events committee here at Anasazi for residents events, and I n believe these should be year round events.not just winter entertainment, I will be putting my name in for that committee. In days past here we had many events all year round from 4th of July Barbecues to New Years Parties for the Community.

This will be a great way to get all neighbors to get to know each other a bit better and help to have every one united to keep an eye out here for the few that abuse our privileges.

Now one of the things that i did find peculiar was how much they spoke of how the committees here last year did, namely the landscape committee ?? But come to fine out they never have even met, one committee person said they didn't know any one because they have not net yet??  We must have transparency and truth here if we are to move forward.

Another important point was last year we made a post here that said: With PAUL JENSEN on finances here, we will all sleep better ...Hit that on on the nail huh ??  Not only has he made it easy for us to understand all the numbers here, but even the fact that he spoke of how it ONLY costs about $2.00 a month per unit to heat pools..Every one loved it....In the old board days they would just read about 20,000 numbers that made no sense and didn't care if it was undertsood

And last but not least, It seems like we have finally killed the rumors about folks wanting Private Management here...This idea should stay buried for ever

Or even the thought by a FEW who believe we should replace Wayne..To those I say Rethink that brainstorm. We would move back 20 steps on that move, We all gave Wayne a hard time in early days here..But once discovered it was the "Old board" again limiting things here and Wayne was allowed to do his job...PRESTO...

This place in the last year looks like the Anasazi I bought here 10 years ago. So This should be something all come to grips with..I have worked along with Wayne many times this past year and think he has taken this place to the next lever..Time for all to support and move us forward.

Too the few winter and full time residents who continue to abuse the rules here such as pets in pool, short term rentals and and other things that hinder progress here. The fine policy really needs to be readdressed here..Basically Wayne s hands are tied on too many of these issues

Sunday, February 22, 2015

To Alll You Golfers .....Foot Golf In Az

Shalimar is the first golf course to offer FootGolf in Arizona!

Come on out and try this exciting new sport! Of course, we continue to offer traditional golf as well!

FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports of golf and soccer. The game is played with a soccer ball on a golf course with 21-inch diameter cups. The FootGolf holes are on their own greens and does not affect the course for regular golf play. Shalimar's FootGolf course in Tempe, Arizona, has 18 holes built around Shalimar's 9 golf holes. The sport is played in the traditional format of up to four players per group, either walking or using a golf cart, and trying to kick the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf.

You can bring your own soccer ball (#5) or rent one from us. Indoor soccer shoes, tennis shoes or soft-spike golf shoes required - soccer cleats are not allowed.

We are proud and excited to bring this up-and-coming sport to Tempe, Arizona!

FootGolf hours are 10am-close (dusk) Monday-Wednesday and 12pm-close (dusk) on Saturday & Sunday.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Animal Kingdom

Last Night we had the 3rd different person this week with a DOG in pool 3, 

2 different residents called security
but he never came to pool around 11pm.

I know we tried to not have many NO signs posted here, But think it is time to post the sign NO DOG ?   

This is getting ridicules..I guess it going to take a pool being closed for action to be taken

will send unit numbers of dog violators to Wayne as he has asked

This morning we had a few more winter visitors show up for their winter stay  at pool 3   lol

Friday, February 20, 2015

Meeting Recap /Election

Last nights annual meeting was a great turnout, I would like to thank those that supported me in an unsuccessful bid for board.

But the point of running this election was to prove a point that I cannot be denied the opportunity to run here or be on committees as expressed in the past.

This was a milestone here in the future of Anasazi.I feel that those elected are a good set of Board members that hopefully will keep the community in the forward motion of the last year

Faye, Dana, Marta and Ray were elected last evening and I wish them much luck and believe that they also have Anasazi's Interest at Heart, It was also made very clear by all last night that private management is not something residents want here at Anasazi.

Now there were a couple of folks that had questions for me that seemed a bit hurt. One was a winter visitors who felt I did not have winter visitors interests at heart and expressed they did not need a maid..(per post this week)..To you I say maybe some of the winter friends,  start acting like residents and not visitors that come here for 3 months and want everything done for you.

Life doesn't stop for us when you arrive.

To the gentleman who's question about me running with past conviction was stopped in its tracks and then you turned and were admonished by almost everyone in room, Then you turned to the folks sitting next to you that told you to take a seat and be quiet. ( That was my family) You then put your tail between your legs and left the meeting. You could have had the nerve to ask me one on one  in person, but evidently were too embarrassed by the crowd quieting you up. You were out of line and showed that by the entire room.Was obvious I could run for board or I would have  not been on ballot ??.

I will support Wayne and new Board members fully and we will continue to run Anasazi Talk and Anasazi discussion board as a service to the residents

Too those that still moan about this web-sight...sorry we are not going anywhere and will continue to be the eyes and ears here at Anasazi

As stated before this web sight was the catalyst for starting the revolt here in the last 4 years. We helped you rid us of Janet, Izzy, Robert and now Brian Mcbride


So all in all we are in better shape, we have removed a non resident board member and have filled our board finally with a majority of FULL TIME RESIDENTS

This nite showed that many of the things enacted here over the last few years are illegal,

Again we proved that Brian and old board's thoughts and actions could hold me back from running.We proved them wrong and showed up tonight with my name on ballot.

So we were all winners here in the end.






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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Annual Meeting Thursday

                  ANNUAL MEETING
Whe n:
Thursday, February 19 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Board of Directors Election Results
Please be aware, if you have already turned in your voting ballot, you cannot vote again.
If you have not yet voted, drop it off at the management office or hand it in at the Annual Meeting. 
Write-in candidates will have to accept a nomination at the Annual Meeting..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Grateful & Thank You

Maggie and I would like to thank the many of you who stopped over or called with regrets over us losing our Dog Tuxedo, He loved all those that stopped to play with him or rub his belly. The
 Response from Residents and Neighbors has been wonderful..

A Special Thank You to Neighbors Colin and Lisa who left this beautiful flower arrangement and and card of support for Maggie, This young couple who became our neighbors a couple years ago were always asking to babysit him or bringing A Steak when they barbecued  ...

This is why this is such a great community..It was evident in the amount of messages from you wonderful neighbors Thank you so very much  Mike & Maggie Sansone

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No Maid Service here / Dog Poop

Its been brought to our attention many times this last few weeks, That the winter visitors (Residents) and short term renters seem to think their winter vacation includes a maid,

Full time residents notice that when we leave pool areas we fix our chairs,

Well if you look at pools during winter all paths are blocked and with no pool guy here on weekends it looks like hell, walkways are obstructed and older residents have trouble getting around pool...............Maybe a little courtesy is in order.

Be considerate and put chairs back. Very simple concept ...Honest


The other issue that seems to be getting out of hand here is the lack of folks picking up after their dogs. We know the Board has given up on size limits of pets, But NO REASON for folks not cleaning up after your pets,My wife walks our pooch often and has also stated their is Poop everywhere......Just another one of those considerate things needed when living in a large community

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lost Our Tux

To many of you who see my wife Maggie (Margaret) always out walking our dog Tuxedo, We had to send tuxedo to heaven last nite...Just a thank you to the many folks who loved him up these last 6
years...Thank You Many of you who had steaks and bones you would bring him. We Thank You...........


Sleep with the Angels Tux................
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and
looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....
Author unknown...

Another Dog in the Pool 3

Well its not bad enough we have residents (Renters) with another dog in pool area, But the sad part is there were other residents in pool and NO ONE SAYS A WORD ?

This is the 2nd Renter this week that brought a dog to pool 3 !!

I had to ask them to please remove from pool from my patio

This will cause pool to be shut down for 7 days folks..Many of you will be very unhappy if pool closed during this perfect weather, You wonder why I want to be on Board..Residents who see this kind of thing and turn their heads make me wonder why?...

I was super polite when I asked them from my patio to please not have dog in pool,we saw the people a bit later and explained I was not being rude , 

just that it would cause pool to be closed.The girl turned to us and said we dont care either way?? and walked away in a tiff....So much for the nice approach !!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


HELLO RESIDENTS, If you have not had the opportunity to witness our very only resident Mike Mcgrane and son Patricks band "Generations Duo" Then Monday is your lucky nite

They will be preforming at the Paradise Lounge across the street from Anasazi, Now let me warn you, get there early if you need a seat..THEY PACK THE HOUSE WHEN THEY PREFORM...Seee You Alll MONDAY !!!

WHEN : Monday 2/16/2015  ...7pm

WHERE: Paradise Lounge  
 4541 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032



Friday, February 13, 2015

Nomination ?? Anasazi in a Scramble again with Elections


I must say the politics here of late at Anasazi makes Chicago Politics look like a scoop of Ice Cream

I have received too many emails too mention about my nomination to board,after speaking with many residents and today with Family Trust, we have all agreed I am going to let the community decide about my status,

 I will accept the nomination at annual meeting and let the voters
decide, If I receive enough votes, then I believe the residents have spoken , If not elected , I continue along with no sweat off my brow,

 I thought about just walking away, but in reality I have always had Anasazi's future at heart, Many of new board members elected came as a result of this web sight opening eyes here in the community

I have never walked away from a battle here and will not be pushed aside,

Now there may be some legalities involved if elected here, as we know Brian Mcbride passed some questionable bylaws last year to keep me off board.and now is running away from Anasazi and leaving his mess for others to clean up. But willing to challenge this ruling if needed

One of his bylaws, I have challenged and the other where he passed a bylaw to protect board members after We tried to remove Robert Burchmore for not showing to 6 meetings in a row, at that time they passed a quick bylaw past us again, limiting the recourse residents have with board members. Its in the record !!

As you know I have fought the old machine board here for the last 8 years and helped bring about many of the changes with board , including the removal of Janet, and they have fought back tooth and nail to keep there private board together, But slowly we are disassembling,And have added 2 new board members last election which helped change the direction here to positive

 Now we must not allow another Monopoly to infiltrate us again.You have had the wool pulled over your eyes too long and last year you revolted and made a major change, and that's apparent by the progress here in the last year,

We must continue to remember Anasazi is a full time home to many,and not the wrong Winter visitors using board as a hobby while on vacation is scary.............

Dont think Brian Mcbride's story of being to busy to run again is factual, Lets be honest here

He saw what happened to Janet last election and knew his head was on the block this election so he slipped away, He realized that we had enough of a NON RESIDENT running our affairs.And the community was head hunting him this election. Our new board is now left to clean up the mess he caused along the way..The positive is he is GONE, along with Janet, Izzy and Robert, All of whom were sinking Anasazi.

Anasazi is moving forward and has progressed very much over the last year and I am hoping to be part of the future

Stay Tuned..Believe this is going to be a month of changes...There are some serious issues growing around Anasazi and discussion is the best avenue for all to make a proper decision

Thursday, February 12, 2015


The Anasazi Management Office will be closed from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Friday, Feb. 13, 2015 for a mandatory meeting at the Tempe Corporate Office.

  In the event of a maintenance emergency please call 602-996-4659 and leave a message, your call will be returned promptly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Another Resident for Nomination

Ralph Avery has also entered the race 
here for Board at Anasazi

Firm believer that at least 4 members should be full time here for Board to function correctly

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Article on Term Limits

Here is a great point from the HOA Leading website

Term Limits for HOA Board Members

"The biggest pro is that the risk of a tyranny may be lessened. "You may be able to reduce the possibility that there's what some people might consider a dictatorship, where a long-term member appears to rule with an iron hand," 

 "When you always have the same people or a particular person on the board, there can be the impression that things are being run for the benefit of one person or a small group of people as opposed to the good of all. 

By having, encouraging, or requiring board turnover, you might have more openness and more people involved in the association's governance."

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Emails Continue

Michael, you've got to be kidding about not running. I know you have priorities but am sure the board meetings can be changed to another day to meet your commitments. 
You're actually endorsing Faye?  

She's not even a full time resident. Give me a break, she has been on the board for 6 yrs and thinks the way Brian/Wayne think. Nothing gets done until they're kicked in the ass. 

Where is the term limit on these people?  Needs to be on agenda. 

Sent from my iPad

Anasazi Talk Reply

Faye many are asking the same question since you stated on ballot you are a full time resident ???

 Do you have AZ Drivers License?
Az license plates??

We look to your reply as Residents are asking  ??

Watch for discussion this week on term limits many residents are asking about

Monday, February 9, 2015

Anasazi Talk Endorsements

Well, we have received many emails regarding upcoming election here and many have asked who we would support in this election....

We had stated earlier that we Endorsed Faye Roberts for Board, She has worked with new board this year and was part of this last years progress here. This term will let us know where she stands on keeping Anasazi moving forward.BUT DO NOT BELIEVE SHE SHOULD BE PRESIDENT HERE

We also have stated that we also believe Dana Jones would be a great board member,Full time resident, who I have shared many a conversation with. I believe she has the best interests of Anasazi in mind and was also a major supporter of removing the old board here .

I have not met Ray Duerst, But many people I have talked with this week, Those of who opinions  have merit, all spoke very highly of him and spoke of his concerns to move Anasazi forward also. He is a winter resident I believe,  Ray if you would like your qualifications printed here for those to read, I welcome you email.

But this still leaves us 5 FULL TIME RESIDENT BOARD MEMBERS

Now this is where it gets a bit sticky, We feel that if this was a real election and not a "shoe in " as many have referred.

There is talk of another full time residents who may pop into the picture this week ??..Stay Tuned

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Resident Email and Question ...... >anasazitalk      2/7/2015       8:32am

Hello Michael,just a follow up note to our last email of support, Slightly disappointed that you are not seeking election to our board here.But after speaking with friends in build 12 and 16 and asking what foundation you referred to, we understand your decision and just wanted to add a note of support for this work you do.,I think residents should be aware of the time you take to work with the parents you have chosen to help. A group of us would hope you would offer your opinion on those candidates that are running. 
With no real vote needed here many are asking if a"shoe in" vote will really get us the board members we need or are we just putting those in the board would like to have. We have been followers of your web sight  here for 5 years and think many respect the thoughts and opinions you express here.It is evident by the change of old board members that seemed like they had endless terms here for so long.Very obvious to us that the commotion started here with the website was a big help in removing the term less members we had. We also agree with your point,that things have moved forward here in last year and this is why a group of us seeks your opinion on write in candidates and qualifications.Thanks W.P


Response from Anasazi Talk>

First I would like to thank you, along with the others who emailed me this morning, I would first like to extend to those running to send their qualifications here and we will print here for all to see. Now Dana Jones and Faye's qualifications have been printed here and will add the other 2 candidates if they submit

On Monday I will write my opinion on who Anasazi Talk would recommend to residents in this election  .. But hoping another full time resident who is considering...also submits name..Stay Tuned

Write in Candidates>>>  Send your qualifications for Board to

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Resident Concern On Bike Room

M. Ibing

to Waynesclarkanasazitalk
Hi Wayne

This is an inside job.  We lost one of ours as well about two months back, we had the nicest and newest ones and have been punished for it.  The heavy duty lock was cut with a bolt cutter.  There are many old, very old and sad looking bikes there and should be removed -  cob webs, deflated tires, deteriorated, crumbling saddles and handle and new locks should be installed and handed out to solely those having a registered bike in the stall.  There are too many keys out there of people that either do not own bikes (registered) and the keys are being misused.

Frankly, this is an inside job and the new registration and only TOGETHER with new door locks for owners of registered bikes will help but not eliminate the bad guys….  There
always are the bad guys that know somebody with a bike and get the key.

 If the door would not allow a view to the bikes then temptation would be less.  Something to consider to reduce the bad rap the HOA gets resulting from the frequently occurring burglaries.


Friday, February 6, 2015



Wed., February 11, 2015 at 6:30 P.M.
In the Anasazi Club House

One Nomination Form for Board of Directors was submitted by Faye Roberts. There are four open positions on the Board this year. Faye Roberts is the only candidate listed on the ballot along with a space for three write-in candidates.
 To date, Dana Jones,

Michael Sansone
Marta Vega 
Ray Durney
have stepped forward as candidates. If anyone is interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors please contact the management office and let us know.
Please be aware, if you have already turned in your voting ballot, you cannot vote again.
If you have not yet voted, you can send your ballot in by mail, drop it off at the management office or hand it in at the Annual Meeting
 Write-in candidates will have to accept a nomination at the Annual Meeting..
Wednesday, February 11 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Farmers Market...Just Down The Road

3502 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix AZ 85032
Date: Saturdays - Open all year every Saturday
Hours: 8am-1pm 

Roadrunner Park Farmers Market
in Phoenix, Arizona

(Serving our northeast community since 1990)

Date: Saturdays - Open all year every Saturday
Hours: 8am-1pm 

Location: N. E. Phoenix near Paradise Valley, 3502 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix AZ 85032
(between Freeway 51 & 36th St)

Features: Local farm produce including fresh vegetables & fruit, baked goods, honey, jams and jellies, nursery stock, natural pork, beef and fish, hand crafted items. Roadrunner Park includes a large children's playground with play equipment, a fishing pond, ducks and geese on premises, swimming pool, soccer fields, and all kinds of special events.

 Canine "Good Citizines" always welcome!

Free admission, free parking. 

Accepts AZFMNP Vouchers, WIC and EBT/SNAP. Also available at this market: Easy credit card shopping! One credit card charge can pay for all your purchases from the vendors! Find out more at the information booth!