Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ron Zur Build 2 #415

So it continues...The guy in the pool with dog yesterday is Ron Zur and RENTS Build 2 #415..

This morning and last nite I watched as his dog ran loose and pooped in front of 105 build 5 and this morning out front build 16 and no cleanup....

A Note will go to owner today from me since office says they have to WITNESS..??? Bad renters suck

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More snow bird nonsense

Winter Visitors with NO Common sense... This afternoon I look out to pull three and here's two guys and their dog running all over the pool, peeing all the bushes.
I tried to get their attention but they ignored me finally I yelled there are no dogs allowed in the pool. The one guy says it's not my dog. The other guy says he's not swimming in the pool. Typical smart asses.

He asked if I was new here. I said yes 15 years and that's why I know the rules not take  dog out of the pool. Then he got nasty and I told him maybe I'll come remove your dog and run away just like all the winter weeks we're going to call the police. I said go ahead I then call the office and happily Sharon into maintenance men immediately came to the pool and asked him to remove the dog. He even argued then that there's no sign saying no dogs.

How much Common Sense does it take to know  dogs not allowed in the pool. People don't realize a dog in the pool could cause it to be locked for 30 days how well do you think that'll go over this winter. Score another point for snow pigeons

Friday, December 22, 2017


Sleigh bells and furs and snow outside, evergreens and holly and mistletoe. These are the things tradition brings to mind as symbols of Christmas time. It is a gay and happy tradition. One we would not erase if we could.
Yet, greatly though we love the tradition, we love Arizona and pride causes us to repeat again what we have pointed out on other Christmases. This is the real Christmas kind of country.
It was not in spruce forests and on
snowy steppes, not in a Vermont like countryside nor in a London type snowstorm, that Joseph and Mary made their weary journey to Bethlehem. The bells that jingled on the dusty roads were fixed to desert beasts of burden, the plants that made dark silhouettes on a rocky hill against an evening sky were thornbush and cacti.
Following the star, the wiseman trod no lush meadows fed by constant rain, but rather their feet scraped the gravely beds of such desert washes as Arizona knows.
When the babe was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in the manger, the sky above was such a desert sky as Arizona knows, the land was such a desert land as surrounds us here.
So this is why we say that Arizona is truly a Christmas kind of country, more nearly than any other in America like the land that gave birth to him whose anniversary we celebrate today.
It needn't be a white Christmas to be a true one. The first and greatest Christmas of all was in a place much like ours

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Too many oversize dogs

Woke to a commotion outside my patio, are maintenance men are helping a winter resident chases 70 lb dog that does not belong on the property and is loose. So we pay our maintenance man to chase winter visitors who bring oversized dogs against the rules. This makes 9 oversized dogs here for the winter. Bottom line are board is a piece of shit....Period

Comments: From Friends of Anasazi...Private Facebook Page

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Painting on Hold



Many residents have family and friends visiting for the holidays and winter residents have returned to Anasazi. Therefore, to avoid disrupting everyone’s full enjoyment of the holidays, we will be suspending painting of the buildings the Thursday and Friday before Christmas and New Year’s Day


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

Thank you Build 5

Gotta love  Build 5
Blessed with wonderful Neighbors
Last week we were blessed with a treat from our  neighbor Esther Shapera, with some delicious Jewish biscotti. Then our wonderful neighbor  Debby Miller delivers fresh pizzelle cookies like I get at home in Chicago..mmm mmm
And yet  today another knock on the door from a neighbor with this luscious red velvet cake Thank you DiDi.......... Then look in stocking I have on front door and the gift card from Fry's.Thank you Rosalie . your car did not have your name but only you would send me an Italian message.We are blessed, Thank You

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Holiday Party ???

Holiday Party Recap:
Spoke with a few attendees, Only around 5% of the full-time residents). 600 units... attended party. As usual it was a winter visitor party, we don't have parties other than the winter time. All complained about the menu, spaghetti, hot dogs and macaroni salad. And they get mad when we say HOA dollars hard at work ...

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bad Renters = Bad Owners

Damn Renters lol...No food or drink poolside... Building 2 renters. Many rentals in building 2 as of late.... One that tries to boil turkeys on his patio with flame, one with a 70lb wolfhound, time to start putting pressure on the owners of these shabby
rental units

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Snow birds from building 14 and 15 are now storing their cars in front of building 5... Covered car should be in private parking only ?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wake Up Call

Well you have all learned that the last thing you ever get here or on the website is fake news.
They have just announced the next board meeting is until middle of January.

If you have not noticed our board president Faye Roberts has been shelving the issue of the plumbing fixes here at Anaszi the last three meetings. Two years ago we got screwed when they made us responsible for the plumbing in the walls without a proper vote. The HOA should always be responsible for anything in the building or structure. Now they've shelved the discussion about further repairs till after the election.

Don't be fooled and keep these people in office. It's going to cost you in your pocket later for these people that want to be part of a social club rather than a board of all the people here in Anasazi.

 At this time all time is spent on making sure winter visitors have an inclusive vacation.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


December 10 2017
The second Sunday in December of each year is designated as "Worldwide Children's Remembrance Day." It is a time to commemorate and honor the memory of children who have died at any age from any cause. ...

How to Celebrate World Candle Lighting Day

As mentioned before, this day is celebrated with a quiet elegance: at 7 p.m. local time, people light candles for one hour to remember their loved ones. It is a moving occasion that bypasses geographical and cultural divides. As everyone lights their candles at seven pm local time, far-flung parts of the world get illuminated in turn, so that eventually the light has moved all around the globe.

If you have experienced the loss of a child in your lifetime, this is a good moment to honor his or her memory by taking part in the candle lighting. You could also invite some close family members to spend this time with you and light their own candles for the late child.

This doesn’t only have to be a sad occasion, however. Children’s lives are mostly filled with fun and laughter, so reminiscing about all of the things the child you are honoring managed to enjoy before he or she passed may should serve to lighten the atmosphere up a little bit.

Of course, nothing will ever make up for the loss of a child, but there is some solace to be taken in the fact that the child’s life was a good one, however short. No matter whether you’ll be lighting a candle at home or joining a gathering Worldwide Candle Lighting Day it is a way to show love and community.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Police Presence today.More Renter problems

More rental problems and Anasazi... A neighboring building 5 was trying to get to the elevator and there was a young guy laying in the rocks with a backpack on and he kept grabbing in the backpack and sniffing something he was then seen by the mailboxes near office with blood in his face.
From the gossip his mother threw him out of building 15 because he's a drunk and he fell down the stairs???? Three or four residents encountered this gentleman before Security even had a clue.

Is this the same creepy kid that's been caught looking in cars. Building 15 pay attention

We don't have security here, we have security

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Office Reply to Cleaning Crew Email

Reply from Office on Cleaning Email today

Wayne Yurk <>
12:12 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
I am looking into this. If it needs cleaned,I will have it done asap.
Thank you,

MY REPLY:Appreciate the reply very much...But Your Line ...."If it needs cleaned,I will have it done"

Do you think with all I have going on here that I have nothing better than to send a note if it wasnt clean?? I usually mop every week after thier poor service..But after reading all the minutes of board meeting and others having the same problem, I thought you might want to know ahead of a board meeting so you could remedy.

.I see you SENT THE LADY HERE and she is scrubbing floor...I guess it was a valid email ? Thanks again Michael #5

Cleaning Crew? Time for a New One ?

Email to office today

Good afternoon..The hall cleaners were here today and It seems like they used maple syrup on floor of elevator..It is so sticky that your shoes stick and the floor is filthy after 20 minutes of cleaning...With all the complaints at last board meeting about cleaning crew, I thought I would send this..If you have no plans of having them clean it today Let me know ands I will mop yet again this week..Thank you Michael Build 5


PEARL HARBOR 75TH ANNIVERSARY: Remembering those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor on this day 75 years ago.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Party


The annual Anasazi Holiday Party will take place on Saturday, December 16, 2017 in the
It is being catered by DISH NETWORK and music will be provided by THE VISE GRIPS.

Please bring a drink of your choice and a donation for a local food pantry.
If you like, a dessert for sharing would be welcome.
A special raffle of Holiday gifts will be held. $1 a ticket, 6 for $5.

Reservations are required: email with your name, building/unit

number and the number of people attending OR you can register at the office.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Bring back Phoenix Police

Slight Ruckus here this morning ?
Sitting on patio this morning and some lady is giving security guard some guff on why they cant remove abandoned cars here? I ask over patio and say you should address board here as many are unhappy with this piss poor security service we have.That only the police had this power here and we wanted them back

As I say we all want police back here...Security guard states : They were removed for not during their job ?? Complete falseness

This from the security company that has no shows here often..admonished 3 different times for having girls riding on cart here late at nite, partying with guard, Useless to abandoned or unregistered vehicles etc etc

Yesss words were exchanged and security guard told me to stop talking or come down and he will tase me ?? lmao I told this Wilbur guard to knock on my door..He refused as we all know..

Then our past Board member Paul jensen decided to join in and give guard my info...Like I cared..This is the same EX Board member who I took to court last year and stuck with LAWYERS Bill...Maybe he hasn't learned a lesson yet ?

Another Canadian sticking his toes in Americans business

Remember Trump says: They are just visitors to our country lol

I notified police and they came and laughed and said security guard is just one of those guys mad because he couldn't make it as a cop....

Bottom line is Our Board has our property under guard from a company that recruits off craigslist ..???...Threats to me are worthless..But this kind of patrol is a joke


Money issue?? Maybe quit spending our HOA money on feeding winter guests and parties...MANY WHO ARE JUST RENTERS AND not even owners>??

Yes Renters not Owners $$$$
Like Welfare here in Winter