Friday, September 29, 2017

Incompetent ?


Webb Seller webseller757@XXcom

9:07 AM (7 hours ago)

to WayneSharon

Good morning this is Michael and building 5 last Thursday we had no Hall cleaners was not sure if it was because they were still painting and yesterday we still had no hall cleaners.. the carpets and halls in building 5 look like hell is it possible to get this done today so we don't have another weekend of living in a mess????..Thank you Mike build 5

Wayne Yurk

9:14 AM (7 hours ago)

to me
Good morning
This will be taking care of today.


Webb Seller webseller757XXXX

3:46 PM (30 minutes ago)

to Wayne
Thank you, appreciate the reply...But NO one ever showed to clean today ??  

Sharon Clark

9:31 AM (6 hours ago)

to meWayne

I just walked all 4 floors of building 5.  Other than the fourth floor stairwell landing where it looks like the wind blew some leaves in onto the carpet, I honestly do not see any messy areas in the hallways.  If you would be so kind as to take a picture of the problem areas and email them to me with the location, I would be very appreciative and will send the cleaning crew over to take care of it immediately.

Thank you.

Webb Seller webseller757@XXXX

4:09 PM (9 minutes ago)
to Sharon
Are you serious?? The carpets haven't been vacuum in two weeks if you walk the floor 3 you see stuff all over the carpets?  Don't worry I'll vacuum and the other neighbors and I will dust all the railings on our floor. But please don't insult me and say you look at this carpet On My Level and it's not dirty


No ? Hall cleaners

No Hall cleaners 2 weeks in a row.? build 5..Another email to office

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Drain The Anasazi Swamp

Election Coming ! Time to Drain the Swamp at Anasazi ! We need to remove Faye "Hillary" Roberts, Dana Jones and Ray Durney this year if you want progress here next near Faye (The Hillary Clinton of Anasazi ) and her co- horts need to be removed Faye- Part Time Resident Board President ? Ray Durney.. nice guy but Part time resident & liason for pool 5 Dana Jones...Just Useless as board member The only board member up for election this year we SUPPORT is Marta Vega

Monday, September 25, 2017

Trim ??

Board took highest bid and got worst job...another referral by Micky Latz..the board member who never lived here.
Take a look at this trim job...lmao

How many other "Finished buildings look like this ??

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

No Ethics here ( Faye Roberts)

No Ethics here
Received a number of emails and phone calls this morning about our board president Faye Roberts, I guess she stood up during the meeting to endorse a part-time resident for a board spot here in February. Not only did many think this was ridiculous but very unethical.

Faye we don't want a Part time President ..let alone any of your part-time friends. Another subject that we will go into this week is we have a group of three ladies here, two board members and the Committee Member who seem to be ganging up on residents who read this website. All three will be named in a further article.

Another Unhappy Resident

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Cooler Weather also Means the Snow Birds are coming .lol

Snow bird section at Target

Goofy Security Guard ?

Email to Wayne 11:54pm

Hello  Wayne's pretty sad when you are awakened at 11:45 pm by security guard driving around pool 3 with 3 yelling and giggling girls hanging off security cart...also received message from another Resident  in build 16 about this guy at  12am ,if you need another witness, this is the 4th  email about this guy in recent months (have saved) with girls on cart....thefts in rise here !    
your solution ?...Michael build 5
REPLY from Wayne:

Good morning
This is unacceptable and will be dealt with immediately. I will call the supprrvisor..

Friday, September 15, 2017

BIG Problems brewing here

Lots of Gossip in the community...... First off the landscape company quit they did not get fired they put in their 30-day notice and do not want to work on this property.

Much talk around the pools that the board members can't agree on anything together. Wake up we have four board members up for election we have the paint Fiasco,

Landscape company that doesn't want to work for our board, too many problems here to discuss.

First board member that has to go is Mickey Latz. As stated before and he owns a property management company that has pages and pages of bad complaints against it and rumor is he's trying to get to take over Anasazi.He has never lived here and only a owner for less than 2 years??

BIG Regardless of how you feel about Wayne... this  Latz  guy is not who we want
handling our property.Time to start doing some serious thinking full-time residents

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Paint job resumes

Was informed today the painting company will resume the painting on Monday 9/18... Building 5
Let's Try Again ?

The lies Continue

On August 4th a new resident here named Kimberly posted some pictures about the grass and Anasazi. She then posted here that Wayne said to give the grass a month it'll be in Tip-Top shape. Most of us here knew that this was BS and tried to tell the lady she was being given the runaround. Here we are a month later and the grass looks worse than ever to match the mismatched buildings. The board and Wayne have proved that their word means nothing to many here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Paint Fiasco

This guy from Iowa in building 2 not going to be happy that his car now matches the color of the buildings... Many scenarios like this around the community with this half-ass paint company and half ass board that voted on this BS

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The View

Just curious, till the board figures out what to do about its mistake with the painting company. The front entrance of the property looks like a construction zone for weeks to come??

No office

Must be a special holiday. No one in office at 9 a.m... Thought the hours were 8 a.m. to 4 p.m........

Saturday, September 9, 2017

More painting nightmares

Now the real debacle is they changed the color of the building but are not painting the front doors. Every owner will have to paint their own front door. Office charges $48 for the gallon of paint. Think they should be responsible for painting all our doors??.... Wasn't scandalous enough that the painting company wanted to charge $400 - 500  to paint residents patios

If you don't see we need a change here in January with 4 of 7 board members up for election... As stated before we need board members that are concerned with the community and not the status of being on the board with no clue of what's going on.

We had board members that don't even live here agree to take the lowest bid .the lowest bid does not always mean the best quality job and we found that out in two short weeks. Now the property is three different colors over spray everywhere and our HOA money in limbo.

Friday, September 8, 2017


Just another reason to VOTE THEM OUT IN JANUARY!



Dear Anasazi Neighbors,
Your HOA Board of Directors has temporarily suspended the painting project until certain issues can be corrected by the painters.
From the first day, Wayne Yurk, our Property Manager, has been closely monitoring this project and communicated continuously with your HOA Board members. Your HOA Board was and is very concerned about every aspect of this project.
Over the past two weeks, the Board called for three on-site meetings with management representatives of EmpireWorks and Dunn Edwards. EmpireWorks responded with assurances that all concerns would be addressed to our satisfaction. There were improvements but not all concerns were addressed to our standards.
Yesterday, the concerns came to a head when overspray became excessive. Your HOA Board unanimously agreed to pause the project until EmpireWorks can resolve the issues and concerns. Again, to the credit of EmpireWorks, they have repeatedly committed to resolving all issues. Your Board is demanding more than assurances. We want results.
We, as neighbors and a community, are all in this together. If you feel that we might have missed something related to the painting, please feel free to email the office and share your concerns. Include photos if possible. Your input is important to us. We are meeting with executives from EmpireWorks and Dunn Edwards next week to create a plan for going forward and your input is important. The plan begins with correcting issues up to this point.
Thank you for your patience. Rest assured that our Property Management as well as your HOA Board of Directors are monitoring this project closely and are managing this to the outcomes we all expect.
Your HOA Board of Directors

As a subscriber of General Correspondence at Anasazi Condos, we'll periodically send you an email to help keep you informed. If you wish to discontinue receiving these types of emails, you may opt out by clicking Safe Unsubscribe.

They Wait Today !

Furniture delivered...Thank you Hospice....sorry for delays painters....NOT

More bullshit from Wayne

My email to Wayne

I am also having a hospice furniture delivered this morning between 7 and 9 they will not be denied access to bring this furniture. I never received a reply on yesterday's issue. Today will not be an issue..!!!......Mike #305

Wayne's bull shit reply:
In response to your email on 9-7-17 at 415 pm. I spoke with the painting supervisor about this. They were not aware anyone was denied access to the building. The crew will be spoke to on this very topic.

My Reply:

I talked to the painter and he was a jerk he said I don't think the lady wanted to work today that was his smartass answer. Hospice of the Valley documented this and said they were going to make a report with whoever handles this And in regards to this morning I don't want any issues with this furniture piece being delivered. And I do mean there will be no issues this morning I stayed home from work to are sure this will be a smooth transition. Thank you for the reply but declining medical help here is a serious issue haven't decided on what we're going to do about it yet

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Medical Personal denied ??

EMAIL TO WAYNE...Hospice nurse denied access here today ?

Wxxxxx <>
4:13 PM (2 minutes ago) to Wayne

Afternoon Wayne, I am a bit upset as you know my stepson who lives with us, who is in hospice has a nurse and health care workers that check on him 3 days a week during these final months, Today his Hospice nurse was turned away by painters saying they could not give her access to elevator or stairs and she left and had to reschedule for tomorrow,,

These hospice of the Valley folks have gone out of their way with helping us..

Why was she refused access is my question...

This is a serious matter we are dealing with here..Thank you Michael Build 5

Maryellen Crall Thats Just Plain BS
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Maryellen Crall Would they deny the EMT'S??????
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Carolyn Bickel Painters have this authority??
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Dawn Adams Wittmann that would be my question too, who are they to deny access to a nurse?
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Joanne Butler Chapman JoJo Now that's just wrong..WTF
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Denise Knope That should not have happened
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