Thursday, August 31, 2017

Power wash carelessness ?

Power washing buildings... And not really neat about it. I noticed all my patio windows were splashed full of dirt and spots and I see neighbors in the building leaving notes on their windows. I did move furniture inside. Left rug out there it was soaking wet.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

Paint Progress

Paint progress Build 2

Dear Homeowners and Residents at Anasazi Village Condominiums:

We are working on your community! 

What areas are included in this project? We are painting the buildings, entry door frames, utility doors, stairwell floors and walls, handrails and club house. Our crews will place our advanced notice door hangers on your doors to allow you to coordinate the timing with our crews.

***Please note, entry doors, security doors and patios are NOT included in our scope of work.

 If you are interested in having EmpireWorks paint any, or all, of these items please contact us directly.*** Sherry Payne- Paul Overton- 
When will you be painting?

The project has a projected start date of August 21st. We will be onsite Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm. If we need to make up a day, we will be there on Saturday.

The total project length will be approximately four to five months, weather dependent. We will be setting up a Qualtrak website shortly for additional information.

 This will include a map, schedule of phases and all pertinent information. Your user name will be: Anasazi Password: village We will start with phase 1 (this will include the club house), move to phase 2 and finish with phase 3.

 Once the project has been started, the website will be updated weekly. 

 How will I know when you will be working around my home? You will receive this letter initially.

You will receive hanger with 24 to 48 hour notice. Once you receive a notice, please follow instructions on back, and just be aware of Empire Works employees and equipment.

 All employees will be wearing EmpireWorks shirts and areas where we are working will be clearly marked with cones. 

Do you need to come in my house? We will NOT need access inside of your home for this project.  What do I need to do to get ready?

 1. Please clear away areas that we are working on, or near of any furniture or landscaping. We will not be painting your patio but please clear away anything that is attached or near the opening. Please cover any furniture that is not removed. EmpireWorks will not be held responsible for any over spray on left items. 

I have more questions, who do I call? You can call our main office at 888-278-8200. Email us at Our goal is to complete the project with minimal inconvenience to you.

Over spray

Just a suggestion as they are painting the buildings. Those that don't move their cars will have them wrapped in plastic and tape. I prefer not to have it on my car.... believe it or not.. it can scratch the car. Either consult the map on the days You're Building is painted so you can move your car or contact office to find out what day your building will be painted. Easier to move your car for the day then have possible damage and it makes it easier on the workers in this heat

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Landscape & Safety

Has anyone wondered why all the bushes are trimmed equal and this one unoccupied unit in Building 16 has bushes that hide the patio on the dark corner of the building. Should be trimmed for Looks and safety

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Half Ass Paint Job

Overspray on cars ??
While we were all happy when we got the news that they were going to paint all the buildings which was much needed. But now we find out instead of painting the building two colors as it always has been. 

Are board has gotten cheap AGAIN and just decided to paint the buildings one color..... And have decided to paint all the door frames flat instead of semi-gloss which you never do when you paint. This will make washing the doors or frames unheard-of
Seems yesterday they put a lot of overspray on cars after many complaints they are covering the cars now. Always a day late and a dollar short

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Just a note
Down For two weeks due to Total reconstruction. An easier interactive blog site.Restarting 9/1/2017

Gates Broken Again last nite

Guess What ?
No gates working again.
Gated Community ?

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Rosalie Signorelli Ciardullo As a prospective buyer this is not encouraging!

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Reply45 mins
Michael Sansone About 12 days a month average ..they are broken .. but no one wants to appropriate money to fix the important things here. They're just getting ready to appropriate money to entertain the winter visitors who have drained this place

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Reply43 mins
Rosalie Signorelli Ciardullo Perhaps the board needs to be drained!

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Michael Sansone That's our problem here we have a board that does not live here a majority of them and they have changed the voting so that they can elect who they want this is a community of 600 but with the new 20%it is run by 120 people.

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Reply29 mins
Rosalie Signorelli Ciardullo How about a class action law suit enabling ONLY full time residents to be board members? Only people who care about their community!

Michael Sansone
Michael Sansone Many here here may be.on board with that

Michael Sansone Are you using your own Realtor??...Some here

Clubroom Disaster ?? You Decide ?


Lisa Stephanie Geier Some lady asked me how I liked it and I said it looks the same! She gave me a nasty look when I said that

Denise Graczyk Greb Looks like a nursing home!!


Simone Thomas You got to be kidding that's the redo... they should have left it the way it was.. I could have done a better job than that with beautiful stuff that I could find at garage sales are you serious??? What idiots are running that place anyway?? I feel sorry for you people that own.

Simone Thomas Oh and Denise is right, my sister lives in a nursing home that's exactly what it looks like outdated furniture and blah

Nikki Lambert that is the worst looking clubhouse ever

Michael Sansone Just talking with other neighbors at BBQ..Guess it is the common consensus here that it sucks

Margaret Bitse Murphy No it looks like a dentists office. .. like they don't want you to congregate, or sit for any length of time

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


THANK YOU......We have been back 1 week and the readers are flocking back in good numbers

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Wayne states to Resident ...Landscapers here are lazy ?

Kimberly Adam Hi all. I just had a long converaation with Wayne and he did walk the property today, looking at the landscape. He has an appt to discuss the issues with the owner of the landscaping company. He told them that there is obviously some laziness in their work and that they are on notice.

 He is having them work on the Clover and bad areas of grass that doesnt like the shade from the Pine Trees etc. I think those areas should be filled in with rock. He is correct when he says Bermuda doesnt like shade and pine needles. Maybe some pretty rock around the trees would look better?

These are things that need to be discussed at the next meeting. I understand that this is an old property and HOA dollars are needing to be carefully spent and also set aside for potential big emergency issues. I hope that more people will show up and discuss their concerns at the meetings. Im not an expert, but I know it must be hard to please everyone all of the time. 

I know a little about budgets and emergency funds etc. Things cost money and on an old property it costs more to keep up to code etc. I get that. I think we are going to see a lot of improvements now and in the near future. I really believe that the landscape will be looking better soon.

 I believe that the buildings being painted soon will improve appearance greatly, the pool furniture is being beautified and the clubhouse was updated although I haven't seen it I saw a photo. Mehhh...its okay. Not my style, but definitely better. Its just my personal preference. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I had this conversation and I feel hopeful and understand how things just arent that simple. 

On another note, is anyone interested in a "call list" and a "Block Watch" program? I thought that it would be beneficial if we had other owners names and numbers in the event of a "non emergency" during week day hours when there isnt security on property? Maybe if we had suspicious persons like I witnessed last week, we had a few residents that could flock to the area and inform the person to leave or the police will be called? 

However, is this risking safety? I know we had a Block Watch when I lived in the Arcadia area. I think that they basically keep an eye on things, call police if needed, but probably dont approach anyone for safety reasons. There are actual classes per se, in order to become a Block Watch person. Maybe I bring this up in the next meeting also. Just wanted to share that I am on it, I care, Im an owner and I live I am very involved to protect my investment. 

I have had very good success with Wayne and Sharon both, immediate responses and seemingly very willing to discuss and act on issues. I'm not a gullible person by nature and I believe that todays discussion was positive and will produce the results that we want to see. I dont think that we all, will always get all that we want...but I think we can be happy with what we see happening to our home in the very near future. Peace!!!

Reply18 mins
Michael Sansone Glad to hear you got a reply, First off we had block watch here years ago and I was actually the block watch guy in my building..They had phoenix police here for meetings and then BOARD STOPPED IT,,We no longer have police here so that will not happen ..if you attend a board meeting in summer months its the same 15 people in the winter the same 30 people..Sorry to say many here have given up on going to board meeting as they are have 3 minutes to discuss your problems for $306 a month..Many have sold in last 3 years since decline here..You will always get a butter up from Wayne...But just watch and see how much ACTION you get...Lip service is easy..But only time will tell for you...The reason my websites were so popular and they wanted them gone ..was for this reason people could speak their minds without rebuttal or reprise from board...SOMETHING that concerns us all is elections her scandalous.....

This place and management company count the votes there is no record of who votes what to reference..MOST HOA use an independent company or lawyer for this...They pick who wins here..I promise..2 years ago we all rallied behind a man name Bob Peschak and voted him in..The winter folks passed there 20% petion and removed him...NO REASON IS NEEDED...i AM THINKING ABOUT PUTTING My UNIT UP NEXT YEAR ON AIRBNB AND RENTING IT DAILY AND USING IT AS A CASH COW TILL i DECIDE DIFFERENT.....JUST ATTEND ONE MEETING AND SEE THE FIASCO..YOU WILL SEE WHY OTHERS HAVE STOPPED CARING ABOUT ATTENDING