Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thank You Neighbors..

More Thank You Notes 
On Sunday our wonderful neighbor Jane Jordan  , brought us a wonderful dinner chicken and bowties delicious, delicious,

 Also Neighbor Esther Petrushka Shapera   with delicious Biscotti 

Followed by Jen & Vince with Alfredo and Muffins ....Thank you Neighbors  ..No word big enough to Thank you

and  we were blessed again when Margaret boss's wife (Jan Lewis) , brought us flowers, Homemade Cannelloni,salad,& Chocolate cake...

 Thank you

Friday, October 20, 2017

Thank You Neighbors

Thank you Neighbors/friends

As many of you know, Maggies son who is 30yrs and who is terminal and living  in hospice with us this last 3 months, Now Cancer struck twice.. this time on Maggie. She underwent a surgery on Wednesday and a radical surgery again today. 

Hoping for a positive outlook. 

But want to thank all you Neighbors, the calls, knocks at the door, flowers, offers to bring dinner over, etc....have been heartwarming...

No words to Thank you all for the love and kindness afforded to us ..
Mike & Maggie..Build 5

More Ethics problems from Faye

Received a few calls again today asking why Faye Roberts continues to pull a new resident up for an election bid during a meeting.  Ethics ??

This is unethical to say the least. Suggesting another person who has lived here less than eight months to be on the board. 

No to Dan Underwood or anyone this scandalous board suggests..We have enough here in cohoots with things declining

Many thinking this is a very classless move .

Say NO in 2018

Drain the Anasazi Swamp

Sunday, October 15, 2017

24th Annual Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival

November 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2017

Established 1994
The Town of Carefree Signature Event
Admission $3.00 - Hours 10am - 5pm
101 Easy Street, Carefree, AZ
Wine Tasting Ticket with Souvenir Glass $10.00

The festival accommodates the return of Arizona's largest wine-tasting event, providing a unique opportunity to sample an extensive collection of domestic and imported wines. For $10, patrons will receive an engraved souvenir wine glass and six tasting tickets; allowing them to come together and enjoy the unparalleled ambience of fine art, wine and live musical entertainment. The festival will take place in downtown Carefree, at the corner of HoHum and Easy streets. Hours are 10am to 5pm each day. Admission is $3.00. Parking is free all weekend.  This festival provides an enjoyable experience for all that attend!


Saturday, October 14, 2017



Another Injustice here

Anasazi Village HOA monthly Fee Structure
1 bed 448 total units (74%) Sq ft cost monthly 3.6 cents.
2 bed 156 total units (26%)  Sq ft cost monthly 2.4 cents
                                   1 beds pay 33% more


Friday, October 13, 2017

Liability and Safety Issue Here ...YESSSSSS

My Unhappy email  Message for Wayne and Board today
>> to Wayne
Well according to our security guard you have made a deal to allow these oversized dogs to stay in building 5. You will hear from many residents today and I guarantee this is not going to be a peaceful weekend here if these dogs remain here. I had a heated exchange with your RoboCop security guard last night before I tore him to shreds. He told us that we should start looking out our door before we get in or stay away from the elevator we're supposed to change our way of living for two-week renters with dangerous dogs

Sorry buddy not happening I have a feeling this is going to come to bite you back in your ass I'm just documenting this is the 5TH mail many residents are seriously discussing some sort of action or suit. If these dogs come near my door or come near my dog I can only imagine what will happen to them. And if they bite somebody this weekend it's going to be you we search for and take the court...severe liabilities


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dogs Back

Alert !! Build 5 ..Thur 10/12 9pm..The 90lb dogs were seen back in 308 Tonite , security called..he is waiting on reply ? On how to handle ? 

UPDATE:10pm....After a heated exchange with robo cop security
I was Informed these 2 week renters have a deal with Wayne ?? For the GIANT dogs.If you live in build 5 .you should visit office or send email for Management's lack of security concern for residents ..Liability ??

Arizona Fall League Time


Reason Why ?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


To Anasazi Ladies...
If you enjoy golfing but don't want the pressure of leagues or handicaps then this is for you! Looking to golf just for fun, 9 or 18 holes, on local courses, LADIES only! May add breakfast or lunch if interested.
Beginning October 9th, and every Monday morning thereafter. Please rsvp the Thursday preceding our Monday golf date!! Hope to see you all soon!!My name, email and phone below:
Cindy Carson

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Saga Continues

Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. This morning when I was leaving I noticed unit 308 the one that had the dog problem last weekend front door open, didn't think much thought maybe someone had come back here at 8 tonight I noticed the front door was still wide open and it black inside.

Call security 5 minutes later we had armed security guns drawn checking out outside of unit waiting now for Phoenix Police to come and finalize,

 officer did say the condo was lined with puppy pads, hence the fact we know there were dogs being kept in there with no one there ...90 lb dogs

UPDATE: Phoenix Police have arrived and secured

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Animal Control Responds

Maricopa County Animal control arrived and had 6 calls about this issue.... I guess if the board can't handle business here the residents have to.????

Feeble Attempt

Well our BOD who is trying with a feeble attempt to get some grass here before the winter voters arrived have decided to patch the grass on Saturdays. The dust cloud over pool 3 is so bad that people were fleeing shaking off all the dirt on their belongings and headed home. Another brilliant decision by the board. Yes the same board that gave you private security, a half ass paint job on the buildings, and the lowest Reserve in a long time what's the gossip of HOA fees going up $30 a month. HOA fees of discussion for later this week stay 

Dogs left alone

Building 5 unit 308  dogs are left alone until the lady comes twice a day to walk them. They howl all day and all night here is her phone number if you would like to convey your dismay

More scared residents

The tail gets worse just stop by my 94 year old lady neighbor who had to hide behind the elevator yesterday because she was scared also of the big dogs....still no word from board or Mgt

Faye your the President ?? Would you rather have a lawsuit class action many neighbors involved right now

Dangerous Dogs ...Weak Board

Received an email from a fellow resident in building five today. His wife and two-year-old child are moving out temporarily due to the fear of these large dogs and the safety of their child. These dogs have been barking howling scratching on the floor for Neighbors to be awoken for the last 4 days.

Sharon put a note on the door but no one in the office ever addressed it personally. Looks like this couple will be filing a lawsuit against the community. We have dangerous 100 lb dogs running amok and the board has done nothing.

Sad when people in their children have to move out of their full-time unit because of part-time resident has hundred pound dogs and the board and property management company are looking the other way. Maybe time to take Management in our own hands

Friday, October 6, 2017

Grass ???/ Whats That

Well maybe we might get grass here next year ?? Had NONE this Year !
$100,000 for landscapers and we have NO GRASS

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thank you Wayne for Quick Response

80 lb out of control Dogs here



Email to office this evening

Dear Wayne, Last evening Maggie and I opened front door to take dog for a walk , as we did a renter in 307 was walking her 75-90 pound pit bulls  2 of them and could not keep control and they tried to get in my door.I slammed it shut and waited a moment and opened door slightly and asked politely  asked if she was heading for unit or elevator and  and then she SNAPPED BACK and said she could move them if I didnt keep opening my door.

I then told her 25 lb limit here and she sarcastically said they were 24 lbs and elevator closed..As she got off I yelled down to her we were homeowners not a short renter and we have rules here and her dogs were overweight and not under control and I was reporting her..Do I need to make a formal complaint in your office, as one they are over weight and two I am worried about SAFETY with them not able to be controlled..or is this something I should also make police report..I look to your reply on how this will be handled before I move forward in any other complaints..Thank you Michael Sansone Build 5

More info this morning

This morning I received an email from Wayne stating he will address the dog issue today. Time will tell. This morning the lady with the giant dogs knocked on my door after I left a note on her door explaining we were worried for our safety because she cannot handle these large dogs. She then stated she isn't a dog person and the renters from Canada had to leave immediately yesterday because their visas had expired and if they didn't return to Canada immediately they could not come here for 10 years under the new Trump rules.

If we're lucky maybe a few more out of the winter Canadians will lose visas also due to our great president. We had no idea this was a bonus when we elected him.

Shows how bright these folks are that they didn't know that their visas were going to

Bottom line no one should be walking the Halls scaring neighbors with 90 lb Pit Bulls that can't be controlled by the owner on a leash

And you wonder why the full-time residents are fed up with the Short term and  "Some" winter visitors who decide they don't have to follow the rules on their all-inclusive vacation here...friggin jokes they are
Email from Wayne this morning

:Good evening
We will certainly contact this renter and homeowner and let them know it's a 25 lb weight limit on dogs can you please confirm what unit number she came out of thank you

Resident email:

Here is comment  from lady in 208

She's bldg 5 # 308 those dogs kept shaylin awake, so I went banging on the door untill she opened it.She lied & said they were tiny dogs I never saw them. Stephanie geier 208

It's starting here already....

Monday, October 2, 2017

Readership rising again

Readership is growing daily on Anasazi blog again.

Security at Anasazi.... And you wonder why thefts are up here

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Old days before current board of ??

Here is a newsletter for Anasazi in 2005. You could see we had block watch at that time I was the block watch in building 5. Board stopped this. And brought private security.

We only pay for winter visitor parties nothing all summer. According to this newsletter end-of-summer party how it used to be friends and neighbors getting together.

board stopped this in the summer.

Same drainage problems from 2005 just Band-Aids on everything.

 Board voted that we have to fix our own Plumbing in the walls couple years ago.

Add the faulty paint job, the dead grass, the security issues here since the Phoenix police left, and a diminishing Reserve fund all from the current board