Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More snow bird nonsense

Winter Visitors with NO Common sense... This afternoon I look out to pull three and here's two guys and their dog running all over the pool, peeing all the bushes.
I tried to get their attention but they ignored me finally I yelled there are no dogs allowed in the pool. The one guy says it's not my dog. The other guy says he's not swimming in the pool. Typical smart asses.

He asked if I was new here. I said yes 15 years and that's why I know the rules not take  dog out of the pool. Then he got nasty and I told him maybe I'll come remove your dog and run away just like all the winter weeks we're going to call the police. I said go ahead I then call the office and happily Sharon into maintenance men immediately came to the pool and asked him to remove the dog. He even argued then that there's no sign saying no dogs.

How much Common Sense does it take to know  dogs not allowed in the pool. People don't realize a dog in the pool could cause it to be locked for 30 days how well do you think that'll go over this winter. Score another point for snow pigeons