Sunday, February 11, 2018

More Scandal

Something very interesting you should all read!! Received some mail yesterday and I get many letters from residents...Also many residents received this same letter!

Many were asking what happened with Marta Vega this looks like it may answer at all
Seems this resident or winter resident  who owns 3 units here has a alleged  history of abusing women...??

This kind of thing happens always around election... when the board was worried about me winning the year I lost by 13 contested votes LOL they sent out letters to the residence trying to condemn me.

Now you have Marta Vega who is the only board member that walks and drives this property regularly and acts like a board member insulted at a board meeting that should have never been insulting.

This should be an indication of how bad these people want to stay on the board so they can keep manipulating things here.

Let the election go and then it's time to start removing them one at a time. We have all been gathering information the last year... In the springtime, Anasazi going to wake up a lot of eyes.......