Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Concentration Camp ??

Concentration Camp ? NO

I'm going to start 2018 on a bold note, for over 10 years I have been writing this website I see so many of you read here everyday and many are afraid to comment?? I received many phone calls during the week and many say please don't tell anyone I called you.

I don't know what you all fear is owners of a community, we have five regular people on a board that do not dictate your life. They are here to serve the community of which has been faulty the last few years.

Many of you are afraid to come out of the Woodwork in fear of the board.

Trust me they have tried to take my websites down for 9years ago and lost, I'm also took a board member to court in 2016and stuck him with the bill. If you're unhappy about things here like I am at times stand up for them

I guess I just don't understand how you all living fear over people who have nothing or control over anything you do. If you live your life and follow the rules there's nothing they can do.
Now if you're a renter you're at the mercy of the owner but as an owner here for 15 years I will continue to write these websites and exposed the b******* that goes on here.

I have run for the board and put my voice and any and all questions here.

Frankly if you have enough balls to read this website and agree you want to have enough courage to comment or stand up for the property that you worked your whole life for

This current board is a very weak board and they have no powers or lawyers that could do anything for speaking your mind

So starting this new year if you are concerned about what's going on here get involved, leave a comment or get involved with other full-time Neighbors who are just as frustrated as you

We are probably going to get screwed in this election again because we have let the winter visitors run our community. And basically it's because so many of you are weak. I don't say that to be nasty just the truth.

You all found your way here now find your way and stand up for yourselves and quit letting a board comprised mostly of old drunks ruin your life or infringe on your investment

It's very obvious in the last 6 months we have dozens of oversized dogs on the property, the painting company ran out of paint during the job that had to be stopped twice because we had poor leadership of our board and higher This Crew

We went two years at $80,000 a year paying a landscape company to provide no landscape

It's time to rid ourselves of the Hillary Clinton of Anasazi better known as Faye Roberts and her cronies

They're not enforcing any rules right now because they're all want to get reelected and they're kissing all the winter visitors asses

I will continue to stand tall and publish all the inconsistencies that go on at Anasazi.

Now it's time for all of you that read this everyday to put your personal comments in, it shows me everyday who reads every single post here so I know you're reading. If you don't want this community to fall any lower time to stand up.
If this post insulted you maybe you don't belong on this page



Jack Reacher It seems nothing can be done. The rules are not enforced. Right now there is a large husky that has been parading all day long right by the office. Nothing done and now it is in the pool area of pool 1.

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Jack Reacher Last time I made a complaint I was told by office to cal Phx PD.

Margaret Bitse Murphy Jack, make a lot of noise... call constantly, organize those in your building... get involved or nothing can be done
Fred Wittmann Apparently Chicago Mike they don't understand if you don't stand up and quit taking their bullshit they're going to step all over your ass Stand Tall Mike